Women on Weights: An interview with CPT, Olivia

Author: Veronica Ballinger

Olivia Personal Trainer

Meet Olivia!

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Olivia, a seasoned personal trainer with a passion for transforming lives through health and fitness. In this interview, we'll uncover Olivia's journey into the realm of fitness, explore her training philosophy, and gain insights into the Women on Weights instructional series. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or someone taking their first steps towards a healthier lifestyle, this conversation promises to be both informative and inspiring.

1. Why did you become a personal trainer?

I got really into fitness back in high school and I have benefitted both mentally and physically from my dedication to exercise. Becoming a personal trainer has enabled me to share those benefits with others, especially women who want to learn how to become confident in the free weights section. I love to see women realize how strong they are!

2. What is Women on Weights?

Women on Weights is a small group class that meets weekly for four weeks to practice exercising with free weights. The class is both practical and educational- while we focus on getting a great workout in, we also discuss lifting techniques and the science behind our movements. The four-week series revolves around three foundational barbell lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press), but we also learn and practice lots of dumbbell and bodyweight exercises!

3. Why should women weight train?

Although there tend to be fewer women in the free weights section, women in particular should implement weight training into their fitness routines for many reasons. For one, women are more susceptible to chronic conditions (such as osteoporosis). Regular resistance training has been shown to contribute to the prevention of such conditions, making weight training a crucial form of exercise, especially as we age. Additionally, the women in the weightlifting community are super uplifting and supportive and you will find this kind of community in Women on Weights!

4. What are the benefits of regular weight training?

Weight training is associated with many physiological benefits, including reduced risk of chronic disease, increase in muscular strength and stability, and positive body composition adaptations such as decreased body fat and increased muscle mass. Furthermore, weight training has been shown to produce many positive psychological effects. These include higher motivation to exercise, increased self-confidence, and increased global cognitive function. Weight training has also been shown to decrease anxiety and increase one’s self-perceived health!

5. What kind of instructor are you?

When I am instructing, I prioritize motivation and education. The Women on Weights workouts can be challenging at times, and I love to coach and motivate participants as they push themselves. I always challenge participants to try new things- whether that be attempting a lift with a heavier weight than they are used to or picking up a weight for the first time, Women on Weights is a place for women to rethink their limits. Above all, I love to see women grow in their confidence!

6. What kind of person would benefit from Women on Weights?

Any woman looking to learn the foundations of weightlifting would benefit from Women on Weights! Whether you are completely new to lifting or have significant experience, Women on Weights is a great class to work on your lifting technique. Additionally, anyone looking to get a great workout in and push themselves would enjoy the class. If you are looking to perfect your weightlifting technique and want to challenge yourself with a great community of women, then Women on Weights is for you!


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