Kaitlyn Kyger

Assistant Director, Fitness & Instructional Programs

Assistant Director, Fitness & Instructional Programs
W319N Duncan Student Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556


A former Hokie and Wildcat, Kaitlyn started her fitness journey in 2017 as a certified personal trainer and has continued to expand her fitness knowledge ever since. Kaitlyn joined the RecSports team in March 2022 and serves as the Fitness Coordinator. Originally from Kent Island, Maryland, Kaitlyn spent her undergraduate career at Virginia Tech and received her master's degree from the University of Kentucky. She enjoys teaching indoor cycling classes, however, is open to suggestions on how to ride a real bike. She's a happy dog mom of two sweet dachshunds, Mac and Cheese, and is an avid video gamer. Reach out to Kaitlyn if you have questions about group fitness, F.A.S.T. classes, personal training, or our instructional series!