Who can play Intramural Sports?

Any Notre Dame student, faculty, and staff member may play. Undergraduate students are eligible for Interhall, CoRec, and All Campus leagues. Graduate students, Faculty and Staff members are eligible for Graduate/Faculty/Staff (GFS), CoRec and All Campus leagues. Divisions created as Men's, Women's, and Open.

Note: Spouses of Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff are not eligible to participate in Intramural Sports.


All-Campus Men (ACM)

Any male Notre Dame student, staff, or faculty member may play in All-Campus Men.

All-Campus Women (ACW)

Any female Notre Dame student, staff, or faculty member may play in All-Campus Women.

All-Campus Open (ACO)

Any Notre Dame student, staff, or faculty member may play in All-Campus Open. There are no male/female gender restrictions. Players from either gender may compete on a team.

CoRec (CR)

Any Notre Dame student, staff, or faculty member may play and a certain number of men and women are required.

Interhall Men (IHM)

Male full-time undergraduate students may play for the hall they reside in and off-campus students may play for their former hall. All members must be approved by the rector.

Interhall Women (IHW)

Female full-time undergraduate students may play for the hall they reside in and off-campus students may play for their former hall. All members must be approved by the rector.

Grad/Fac/Staff (GFS)

Any Notre Dame graduate student, faculty, or staff member may compete in the GFS division.


How do I sign up for an Intramural team?

Intramural Sports registration takes a few easy steps. Follow these steps to register:

  1. Go to IMLeagues.
  2. Login in with your ND netID and password.
  3. When registration is open, create or join a team.
  4. Invite your friends and team mates to join your team.
  5. Interhall teams only: Participants must have rector approval to play. Submit a completed Intramural Sports Interhall Team Entry Form signed by the rector in addition to registering your team with IMLeagues.

Can I still register in person?

All participants must use IMLeagues for the registration process. Participants may pay at the front desk or they can take advantage of paying online through RecRegister.

How do I pay for Intramural Sports?

Payments are accepted online through RecRegister and at the Front Desk of the Smith Center for Recreational Sports inside the Duncan Student Center. Accepted forms of payment are: cash, checks made out to the University of Notre Dame, credit card, FOAPAL, and Hall Account Transfer. Payments will be accepted until closing time on the next Wednesday following registration.

When will registration take place?

Intramural Sports will hold several registration periods throughout the semester. On average, a registration period will open on a Monday about one to two weeks prior to the start of a season and close the end of the next day, Tuesday.

Can the captain of a team still sign up the entire team or does each individual person have to sign up?

The captain creates the team. However, each team member must then create an IMLeagues account and join that team. The captain then invites friends to join their team through the system. Each team member must appear on the roster by 3:00 p.m. the day of their game or by 3:00 p.m. on Friday for Sunday games to participate. Any individual who does not appear on the roster will be ineligible to participate. For Interhall teams, you must also have a signed Intramural Sports Interhall Roster Addition Form to participate. Playing without a Intramural Sports Interhall Team Entry Form will result in a forfeit for your team and disqualification from further participation in that sport’s season.


When and where is my Captains Meeting?

Click here to view a complete list of Captains Meetings for the semester.

Why do I need to attend the Captains Meeting?

Attendance at the captains meeting is required. At some point during that captains meeting, attendance will be taken. Waitlisted teams may take the place of any team not represented at this time at the captains meetings. Waitlisted teams that get a spot in the league must be prepared to pay immediately following the captains meeting. 

Free agents

What if I don't have a full team of people to play with?

You are able to register as a free agent for All Campus, CoRec, and Grad/Fac/Staff leagues.


How much does it cost to play Intramural Sports?

Cost varies by sport and by team, but the range is $20-100 per team for most sports. There are some individual fees for Interhall Football equipment and Interhall Ice Hockey registration. Individual sports have fees ranging from $5-10.


What happens if the league I want to play in is full?

A waitlist is available for sport leagues that fill up. Waitlisted team captains must attend the captains meeting to get an opportunity to play. Spots will come open if a team that registered fails to attend the captains meeting or fails to pay for their team.


What happens if I register for a sport and change my mind? Can I get a refund?

Once you register for a sport, you are making a commitment to enjoy fun and competition. The only way to be removed from the league and receive a refund is if your spot is filled by another team. If there is not another team to fill your spot, then you will not receive a refund. To apply for a refund, fill out the Refund Request Form and submit by one of the following methods:

  1. Emailing to recsport@nd.edu
  2. Submitting to Front Desk at Smith Center for Recreational Sports inside the Duncan Student Center
  3. Sending via campus mail to: RecRegister Refund, RecSports – RSRC
  4. Faxing to (574) 631-4818

Game times

When are games played?

Game days and times vary from sport to sport. Games are typically played Sunday through Thursday from 5:30 -11:00 p.m. (some indoor sports such as sports at Compton Family Ice Arena and Loftus Sports Center can go as late as 2:00 a.m.). Most sports play a three to five week session. Please check each sports' web page for exact times.

Player eligibility

How many teams can I play on?

This varies by sport, but can be summed up as one team per league for the sport offered. You may play for one CoRec team and 1 single gender team per sport.

Roster size

How many people are on a team?

The number of people on a team depends on the particular sport. In sand volleyball, for example, there are four people who play at a time. Conversely, for CoRec flag football, there are eight people who play at a time. Most teams are comprised of five to seven people who play at one time. You are permitted to have as many people as you would like on your roster.

Preparing for your game

Do we have to provide our own equipment?

This varies by sport. All pads are provided in tackle football. Player jerseys are provided for flag football, soccer, broomball, and basketball. Helmets and sticks are provided in broomball and floor hockey. For ice hockey, we have two sets of goalie pads. For lacrosse, we have a dozen sets of helmets and sticks for men’s lacrosse and enough goggles for all women’s players. We provide bats for softball and helmets and catchers gear for baseball. However, you must have your own glove for baseball and softball.

What do I need to bring to games?

You need to show your Notre Dame ID at each game to verify your identity. If you don't have your Notre Dame ID, you can't play.

Sport offerings

What are the most popular Intramural Sports?

CoRec & All Campus Indoor Soccer, CoRec Broomball, CoRec Curling, and All Campus Floor Hockey are very popular. Register early for these sports to secure your spot because they fill up quickly.