Who can play Intramural Sports?

Any Notre Dame student, faculty, and staff member may play. Undergraduate students are eligible for Interhall, CoRec, and All Campus leagues. Graduate students, Faculty and Staff members are eligible for Graduate/Faculty/Staff (GFS), CoRec and All Campus leagues. Divisions created as Men's, Women's, and Open.

Note: Spouses of Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff are not eligible to participate in Intramural Sports.


All-Campus Men (ACM)

Any male Notre Dame student, staff, or faculty member may play in All-Campus Men.

All-Campus Women (ACW)

Any female Notre Dame student, staff, or faculty member may play in All-Campus Women.

All-Campus Open (ACO)

Any Notre Dame student, staff, or faculty member may play in All-Campus Open. There are no male/female gender restrictions. Players from either gender may compete on a team.

CoRec (CR)

Any Notre Dame student, staff, or faculty member may play and a certain number of men and women are required.

Interhall Men (IHM)

Male full-time undergraduate students may play for the hall they reside in and off-campus students may play for their former hall. All members must be approved by the rector.

Interhall Women (IHW)

Female full-time undergraduate students may play for the hall they reside in and off-campus students may play for their former hall. All members must be approved by the rector.

Grad/Fac/Staff (GFS)

Any Notre Dame graduate student, faculty, or staff member may compete in the GFS division.


How do I register/log in to IMLeagues?

Please follow these steps to register:

  1. Go to imleagues.com/nd
  2. Click “login” in the top right corner
  3. You’ll be redirected to Notre Dame’s Central Authentication Service to log in with your NetID username and password
  4. After signing in with your Notre Dame credentials, you will be directed back to IMLeagues
  5. If you have logged in before, you will be taken straight to your participant page.
  6. If signing in for the first time, you will be redirected to a page to create your participant profile. Once complete, you will be redirected to your Notre Dame IMLeagues participant page. 
  7. To choose between Intramural Sports and Club Sports, you can choose which site to view by selecting the preferred program in the top left corner.  

How do I create a team on IMLeagues?

Please follow these steps to create a team:

  1. Go to imleagues.com/nd
  2. Login in with your ND netID and password.
  3. When registration is open, create or join a team.
  4. Invite your friends and team mates to join your team.
  5. Interhall teams only: Participants must have rector approval to play. Submit a completed Intramural Sports Interhall Team Entry Form signed by the rector in addition to registering your team with IMLeagues.

How do I add members to my team?

Please follow these steps once you’ve created a team on IMLeagues:

  1. Click the “invite” tab in the roster section of your team page
  2. Invite members by searching their email or name
    • Members must have an IMLeagues account in order to be invited to a team

How do I request to be on a team?

Please follow these steps once you’ve logged on to IMLeagues:

  1. Click the sport/division the team is on you’re wanting to participate on
  2. Click the “join team” tab to the right of the team you’re wanting to join
  3. Accept the waiver and click “send request”
  4. The captain of that team will receive a request and has the option to accept or decline

How do I pay for Intramural Sports?

Payments for Intramural Sports are accepted online through IMLeagues. If needing an alternative method of payment, you must contact the Intramural Sports staff at imsports@nd.edu. Please follow these steps when paying online:

  1. Go to imleagues.com/nd
  2. Click on a specific sport once the registration period has opened
  3. Select the division you would like to play in
  4. Click “create team”
  5. Accept the waiver, create a team name, and fill in the information at the bottom of the screen
  6. Click “create team”
  7. You’ll be directed to input card information and process the payment

When is payment due for a sport?

Teams must pay at the time of registering their team on IMLeagues. Failure to pay at the time of registration on IMLeagues will result in not being able to create a team. If needing an alternative method of payment, you must contact the Intramural Sports staff at imsports@nd.edu.

When will registration take place for Intramural Sports?

Intramural Sports will hold several registration periods throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Registration periods will be listed on each specific league page on IMLeagues. Registration periods are also listed on the RecSports website here.

Can the captain of a team still sign up the entire team or does each individual person have to sign up?

A captain’s responsibilities are to create the team on IMLeagues, pay for the team, and attend the mandatory captains’ meeting. A captain is able to invite players to a team, but is not able to add the players manually themselves. Any individual who does not appear on the roster will be ineligible to participate. For Interhall teams, you must also have a signed Intramural Sports Interhall Roster Addition Form to participate. Playing without a Intramural Sports Interhall Team Entry Form will result in a forfeit for your team and disqualification from further participation in that sport’s season.


When and where is my Captains Meeting?

Click here to view a complete list of Captains Meetings for the semester.

Why do I need to attend the Captains Meeting?

Attendance at the captains meeting is required. At some point during that captains meeting, attendance will be taken. Waitlisted teams may take the place of any team not represented at this time at the captains meetings. Waitlisted teams that get a spot in the league must be prepared to pay immediately following the captains meeting. 

Free agents

What if I don't have a full team of people to play with?

If you do not have a team for a specific sport but would like to play, you’re able to register as a free agent for that sport. Please follow these steps when registering as a free agent:

  1. Log into imleagues.com/nd
  2. Select the sport you’re wanting to register as a free agent for
  3. Click the division(s) that works best for your schedule
  4. Select the “join as a free agent” link
  5. Accept the waiver and you’ll also have the opportunity to create a small bio about yourself

***Registering as a free agent does not guarantee you a spot on a team.

How do I show that my team is interested in free agents?

During the process of creating your team, you can click the tab over for “looking for free agents.” If someone is wanting to participate and join as a free agent, your team will have a “free agents wanted” tab beside the team name.

How do I add free agents?

Please follow these steps when searching/adding free agents to your team (the captain OR co-captain only have access to this):

  1. Log into imleagues.com/nd
  2. Access your team’s page
  3. Click on the roster
  4. At the top of the screen will be a drop down titled “Captain”, hover over this and select “Available Free Agents”
  5. The list of free agents for that sport will be listed and you then have the option to:
    • Send a message to the free agents OR
    • Move the free agent to your team


How much does it cost to play Intramural Sports?

The cost will vary for each sport. Prices of sports are listed on the individual pages on IMLeagues, as well as on the RecSports website here. Certain sports will also require individual costs, as well as the team fee.


What happens if the league I want to play in is full?

A waitlist is available for any leagues that fill up. Waitlisted team captains must attend the captains’ meeting in order to have an opportunity to play. Spots will become available if a team fails to meet the payment deadline and/or is not present at the captains’ meeting. Waitlist teams in attendance at the captains’ Meeting will be given priority based on when they signed up their team on the waitlist. 


What happens I register for a sport and am unable to play? Can I receive a refund?

Once you are placed into a league, you’re responsible for participating. The only way to be removed from the league and receive a refund is if your spot is filled by another team. If there is not a team to replace you or if waitlisted teams can’t play during that time, you will not receive a refund.

I registered and paid for a league but did not get in, can I receive a refund?

If you register for a team and are unable to get into the league due to being waitlisted, you will be able to receive a refund. To apply for a refund, complete and return the Refund Request Form via email to recsport@nd.edu. Forms may be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.

Game times

When are games played?

When registering for a sport, you will select a specific time that you’ll play on a weekly basis during the regular season. If your team advances to the playoffs, the expectation is to be available during any time/day the leagues are scheduled.

Player eligibility

How many teams can I play on?

Participants can play on one team per league per sport. Participants can play on one (1) CoRec team and one (1) single gender team.

When do participants need to be added to a team?

It is a requirement that participants must check-in for at least one regular season game in order to be eligible for playoffs; two games for tackle football. In order for this to happen, participants must be added to the roster by mid-season at least in order to be eligible for playoffs. Rosters are typically printed out at 3:00 p.m. on Monday – Wednesday and 3:00 p.m. on Fridays for Sunday games. Please try and have members on the team before this time if you’re wanting them to participate that evening. We are able to check eligibility on-site, but it can take time to verify.

How do I check in for a game?

Our ID policy is listed in our participant policies and procedures. It is the expectation that you check in with the Intramural Supervisor that is on site before entering into a game. 

Roster size

How many people can be on a team

The majority of our sports have unlimited rosters. Our only two sports that have specific roster sizes are Tackle Football (26) and Women’s Flag Football (35). Individual sports will list CoRec requirements. It is always encouraged to have more participants on a team in order to always fill a team for playoffs.

Preparing for your game

Do we have to provide our own equipment?

Each set of rules lists specifically what equipment is provided and what equipment is not provided. Click here to view sport rules.

Sport offerings

What are the most popular Intramural Sports?

CoRec & All Campus Indoor Soccer, CoRec Broomball, CoRec Curling, and All Campus Floor Hockey are very popular. Register early for these sports to secure your spot because they fill up quickly.


When will league schedules be posted?

League schedules will be posted once the captains’ meeting has been conducted and all spots are filled for a league. Teams should know when they will be playing based on the specific times they sign up for and when the league is scheduled to begin. Schedules are posted at least 48 hours prior to the league beginning.

When will playoff schedules be posted?

Playoff schedules will be posted once league play has been completed and brackets are seeded. Teams will have at least 48 hours notice before play begins. It is the expectation that your team can be available to play at any time during the playoffs. Games will be scheduled during normal league hours.


Lost & Found

Any items that are left/found at any Intramural Sports event will be brought back to the Smith Center for Recreational Sports. Items may be stored at the Front Desk up to 30 days. Items not retrieved will be turned over to Notre Dame Police Department.

Last updated 7/25/19.