Club Sports


Looking to engage in competition with teams from across the country? Or would you prefer to lace up a pair of running shoes or boxing gloves? From rowing to volleyball, rugby to boxing, our club sports are a great way to engage in physical activity on and off campus. Club sports can challenge you to learn a new skill or improve your abilities in a sport you have played all your life. Additionally, the social aspect of joining any of our club sports allows you to meet new people on campus, forge strong friendships, and become an active member in the Notre Dame community. 

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Field Hockey
Figure Skating
Ice Hockey
Jump Rope
Martial Arts
Nordic Ski
Pom Squad
Power Lifting
Table Tennis
Water Polo

Men’s Archery

Women’s Archery

CoEd Archery

The Archery Club of Notre Dame is open to all Notre Dame, St. Marys, and Holy Cross students (undergraduate and graduate). Anyone with an interest in archery is welcome, from the competition aspect of the club, to those who at the beginner level. The ND Archery Club is an official member of USA Archery and was founded in 2017.


Men’s Badminton

Women’s Badminton

CoEd Badminton

All students of Notre Dame, St. Mary's and Holy Cross are welcome to join the Badminton Club of Notre Dame (BCUND). Whether you've played competitively or have no prior experience to the sport, come as you are and prepare to have lots of fun!


Men’s Baseball

Club Baseball of Notre Dame (CBND) was founded to give non-varsity athletes at the University of Notre Dame the opportunity to continue their competitive baseball careers at the collegiate club level. Our season commences in the spring with with scrimmages and mini series happening in the fall semester. We practice twice a week and hold tryouts at the beginning of the fall semester.


Women’s Baseball

CoEd Baseball

Men’s Basketball

Notre Dame Club Basketball seeks to provide students an opportunity to continue playing basketball at a highly competitive level while pursuing a top notch education. The club was established Fall 2016 and plays against other university club teams in regional and national tournaments.


Women’s Basketball

The Notre Dame Women's Club Basketball Team is a competitive team that competes both regionally and nationally. We practice two times a week and play in about 1-2 tournaments in the fall and 4-5 in the spring.


CoEd Basketball

Men’s Boxing

Bengal Bouts is dedicated to empowering men by teaching boxing skills and fundraising for increased educational opportunities at two Holy Cross secondary schools in Uganda. Throughout the spring semester, boxers practice and train together daily. The season culminates in a three-night tournament in during towards the end of the spring for boxers to showcase their hard work, compete with friends, and fundraise.


Pr 10

Women’s Boxing

Founded in 1997, Baraka Bouts is dedicated to empowering women by teaching boxing skills and fundraising for increased educational opportunities at two Holy Cross secondary schools in Uganda. Throughout the fall semester, boxers practice and train together daily. The season culminates in a three-night tournament towards the end of the fall for boxers to showcase their hard work, compete with friends, and fundraise.


CoEd Boxing

Men’s Climbing

Women’s Climbing

Climbing Club

CoEd Climbing

The Notre Dame Climbing club prides ourselves on being a friendly group and creating a welcoming environment  for all students who are interested in getting invovled. We take outdoor climbing trips to theRed River George in Kentucky every semester! You can find us at the Duncan Student Center climbing wall.


Men’s Curling

Women’s Curling

CoEd Curling

The Curling Club of Notre Dame competes in the Midwest Region of College Curling USA and for the CCUSA’s national championship each spring. The team is open to both undergraduate men and women from Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross, and is excited to work with those of any skill level.


Men’s Cycling

Women’s Cycling

CoEd Cycling

Notre Dame Cycling seeks to fully develop racers of all levels on and off the bike with emphasis on the team and representing our beloved University with pride.The Notre Dame cycling club is composed of riders of all skill levels. Any student with interest in the sport of cycling is welcome to join the club regardless of athletic background. We compete in USAC road, mountain, and cyclocross races as a proud member of the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference. We also offer sessions for casual riders who just want to ride and exercise together.


Men’s Equestrian

Women’s Equestrian

Equestrian Club

CoEd Equestrian

The Equestrian Club is a co-ed club, with members of all riding abilities. The club practices at Lucky Horse Equestrian Center, located 20 miles from campus in the town of Niles, MI, with a local coach. The club offers weekly lessons during the semester to riders of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Additionally, the team competes with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association in Zone 7, Region 4.


Men’s Field Hockey

Women’s Field Hockey

CoEd Field Hockey

Notre Dame Club Field Hockey is a competitive coed club sports team that accepts students of all skill levels and ages. Many of our members played throughout high school, however, the club encourages anyone to join. The main season is in the fall with multiple home and away games. In the spring. Over the last few years, the club has qualified for the National Field Hockey League tournament.


Men’s Figure Skating

Women’s Figure Skating

Club figure skating team photo

CoEd Figure Skating

Notre Dame Figure Skating is a competitive team that consists of both Intercollegiate and Synchronized Skating. As members of the Midwestern conference, the synchronized skating team competes in 4 competitions a year while the Intercollegiate team competes in 3 competitions a year. The team will have practices throughout the year focusing on improving skating skills while having fun continuing in the sport.


Men’s Futsal

Women’s Futsal

Futsal team photo

CoEd Futsal

Club Futsal is designed to provide players with the opportunity to get involved in competitive-style play in the form of small-sided soccer scrimmages. The club is open for all players from every skill level. We provide a competitive environment for players who enjoy kicking around and demonstrating their skill set during intra-club scrimmages, as well as an environment for beginner level players who are interested in learning the game.


Men’s Golf

Women’s Golf

CoEd Golf

The Golf Club seeks to promote fun, fellowship, and athletic competition for ND, Holy Cross, and Saint Mary's students. We compete each semester in regional and national tournaments with the National Collegiate Club Golf Association (NCCGA) and host a variety of golf outings at Notre Dame's two courses: the Warren and Burke. ND Club Golf placed 2nd at the Spring 2019 NCCGA National Championships, and today continues its pursuit of a national title.


Men’s Gymnastics

Women’s Gymnastics

Screen Shot 2023 09 19 At 3

CoEd Gymnastics

The Notre Dame Gymnastics Club provides gymnasts, and those striving to be gymnasts, an opportunity to train, learn, and compete. The club is open to students of Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross. Practices are held every weekday, year-round, though team members may choose which practices to attend according to their schedules. The team is open to people of all skill levels, and is relaxed environment where gymnasts are able to dictate their own intensity level. The club also attends the NAIGC National Championships nearly every year at the conclusion of our season.


Men's Ice Hockey Team Submisison

Men’s Ice Hockey

The Men's Ice Hockey Club competes in the American Collegiate Hockey Association at the DIII level. In 22-23 we qualified for our first national tournament in St. Louis. For more information, follow our Instagram @ndclubhockey.


women's hockey team photo

Women’s Ice Hockey

Women's Club Ice Hockey competes as a division 2 team in the Central Collegiate Women's Hockey Association. The team ranges in skill level from people who have never played to those who don't remember a time when they didn't play. The season typically lasts from October to February with practices held twice a week!


CoEd Ice Hockey

Men’s Jump Rope

Women’s Jump Rope

CoEd Jump Rope

We are a competitive jump rope team focused on introducing new jumpers to the sport and building their skill sets in single rope, double dutch, and wheel ropes. In addition to being a great workout, our practices are focused on preparation for performances around Notre Dame and South Bend, for workshops with the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture, and for competition against other universities including Stanford, UNC, Ohio State, and many others.


club lacrosse action photo in goal

Men’s Lacrosse

The University of Notre Dame Men's Club Lacrosse team was founded in 2012. Since then, the club has expanded to field two evenly-split teams with over 60 players in total. The club boasts four championships from the Great Lakes Lacrosse League, and typically travels to a few tournaments in the fall and has its regular season in the spring.


Women’s Lacrosse

Women’s Club Lacrosse is a competitive club team for Notre Dame women who wish to continue playing lacrosse in college. Our players have experience playing in high school, but all skill levels are encouraged to try out. We have an informal fall season with weekly practices and a couple tournaments. Our formal season takes place in the spring semester. We practice twice a week for two hours and have a full game schedule typically beginning after spring break. We compete in the Central Division of the WCLL against other universities and colleges in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.


CoEd Lacrosse

Men’s Martial Arts

Women’s Martial Arts

Martial Arts

CoEd Martial Arts

The Notre Dame Martial Arts Institute (NDMAI) is one of the longest running student clubs on campus. Since our founding in 1983, we have been instructing and promoting students in Cooper-Ryu Veejitsu-te, emphasizing the unique techniques and applications of Vee Jitstu Ryu Jujitsu (a Japanese style of jujitsu) and Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do. The combination of these two arts in Cooper Ryu allows students to develop skills in a traditional martial art, as well as learn crucial self-defense, and have a lot of fun!


Men’s Nordic Ski

Women’s Nordic Ski

Nordic Ski

CoEd Nordic Ski

The Nordic Ski Club strives to offer cross-country skiing opportunities to both new skiers and experienced racers. New skiers benefit from an initially non-competitive environment that gives athletes the opportunity to invest themselves in a winter sport, while experienced skiers train and compete across the upper Midwest at major collegiate and citizen races against other college skiers in the Midwest Club Skiing Association. The team trains year-round with ski practices at local parks as soon as snow conditions permit, and races typically occur on weekends throughout the first half of the spring semester.


Men’s Pickleball

Women’s Pickleball

Pickleball Club

CoEd Pickleball

The Pickleball Club of Notre Dame was founded in 2023 and competes at the regional and campus levels. The club hosts multiple 2 hour practices a week, conduct tournaments, and learn-to-play clinics for their members. Whether you are completely new to the game or very competitive, the club has people you can play with to challenge you!


Men’s Pom Squad

Pom Squad above Here Come the Irish Sign

Women’s Pom Squad

The Notre Dame Pom Squad is a non-competitive, athletic club composed of women from the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College. We are a uniquely student-led team, organized through Notre Dame Student Activities Office and RecSports. The Pom Squad performs at various campus events including football pep rallies, men’s and women’s home basketball games, and select other sporting events. Tryouts are held each Spring for the upcoming year and are open to current 1st year students or older.


CoEd Pom Squad

Men’s Power Lifting

Women’s Power Lifting

CoEd Power Lifting

The Powerlifting Club offers competitive powerlifting (back squat, bench press, and deadlift) in a supportive community. We meet regularly for team lifts off campus and for discussion sessions on campus. We welcome lifters at any stage in their journey; there is no requirement to compete and no prior experience is necessary.


Men’s Rowing

Notre Dame Men's Rowing strives to be one of the top club rowing teams in the country. The team competes against other schools all across the country. At home, we practice out of the McConnell Family Boathouse on the St. Joseph River.


Women’s Rowing

CoEd Rowing

Rugby match action photo

Men’s Rugby

The University of Notre Dame Men's Rugby Program plays at the highest level of collegiate rugby (D1A) in the United States. The Irish compete in 15s play in the fall, and 7s competition in the spring, culminating with the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship, which the team has been a competitor in, since its inception in 2010. Home matches are played on our attractive, dedicated artificial turf field, Stinson Rugby Field, and all students at Notre Dame and Holy Cross are eligible to join the club.


Womens Rugby Team Photo

Women’s Rugby

Notre Dame Women's Rugby Club was founded in the fall of 2009 at the Division II level. Since then, the club has drastically grown in size and performance, now competing at the Division I level as part of the Big 10. The team competes in 15s matches in the fall and 7s matches in the spring, attaining five National Playoffs appearances and five Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship appearances.


CoEd Rugby

Men’s Running

Women’s Running

Nationals Photo Running Club Of Notre Dame Runclub

CoEd Running

We are a running group for Notre Dame, Holy Cross, and Saint Mary's runners of all talents! We have runners training for everything from a 100m race to a marathon, and a wide variety of pace groups. We practice six days a week and compete in NIRCA races throughout the year.


Men’s Sailing

Women’s Sailing

Sailing on St. Josephs Lake

CoEd Sailing

Notre Dame Sailing Club practices 4 days per week at St. Joseph's Lake on campus with our fleet of a dozen new 420s. We compete against other colleges in the Midwestern Collegiate Sailing Association during the fall and spring semesters.


Men S Soccer

Men’s Soccer

The men's club soccer team strives to compete at the highest level against other schools in the region. The past two years, the club has been successful enough to travel to the NIRSA national championship tournament, and hopes to continue this tradition in future years.


Women S Soccer

Women’s Soccer

The Notre Dame Women’s Club Soccer team is a competitive organization that competes in the Mid-West Alliance League, a league that is composed of club teams from colleges across the Midwest. Our league games, regionals, and nationals occur during the fall, and we practice twice a week. We’re looking for girls with great attitudes and a desire to play soccer at a level that is more competitive than intramural or Interhall leagues. Tryouts take place during the second week of the fall semester, and we roster approximately 25 girls for the season. We have attended Nationals in 2017-2018 in Phoenix, AZ, 2019-2020 Round Rock, TX, 2021-2022 in Foley, Alabama, and 2022-2023 in Round Rock, TX. We hope to build off this success for the future!


CoEd Soccer

Men’s Softball

Softball team photo

Women’s Softball

Club Softball of Notre Dame is a club for non-varsity athletes who wish to continue playing softball in college. We are a part of the National Club Softball Association and compete against other club softball teams in the region for a bid to nationals. The club is composed of athletes with a range of experiences, most include high school or club softball experience. However, anyone is welcome to practice and play with us.


CoEd Softball

Men’s Spikeball

Women’s Spikeball

Spikeball team photo

CoEd Spikeball

The Spikeball Roundnet Club of Notre Dame maximizes the amount of fun that can be had playing Spikeball (aka Roundnet). We provide opportunities for students to play the game of Roundnet casually and competitively in a friendly, welcoming, and communal environment. We hold regular practice/pickup sessions, host campus-wide tournaments, and travel to compete against other universities in at least two regional tournaments and one national tournament per year.


Men’s Squash

Women’s Squash

CoEd Squash

The ND Squash Club is a student led organization that offers both casual play and competitive tournaments and travel for those interested in each. We compete in the College Squash Association and usually make 3 or 4 trips to tournaments every year to qualify for CSA Nationals at the end of the season.


Men’s Swimming

Women’s Swimming

Swim club national swimming competition

CoEd Swimming

The Notre Dame Swim Club is a competitive and recreational swim team comprised of Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross students. We offer afternoon practices Monday through Friday at the Rockne Memorial Pool. The club travels regionally throughout the year to compete with other universities and travels to the College Club Swimming Nationals meet every April. Our team prides itself in our family atmosphere and our desire to keep swimming fun!


Men’s Table Tennis

Women’s Table Tennis

CoEd Table Tennis

We are committed to forming players’ technical table tennis abilities while maintaining a friendly learning environment. We welcome both experienced players who want to join our ranks as we compete in the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association, as well people with no prior table tennis experience who just want to hit around and have fun.


Men’s Tennis

Women’s Tennis

Tennis Club National Championship

CoEd Tennis

Notre Dame Club Tennis provides an opportunity for Notre Dame, St. Mary's and Holy Cross students to continue playing competitive and recreational tennis throughout college. Both the competitive and recreational team practice an equal amount in the evenings at the Eck Tennis Pavilion. The competitive team travels throughout the Midwest to compete as a coed squad against other collegiate tennis clubs within the United States Tennis Association's Midwest region. In recent years, the team has traveled to tournaments in Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio and has participated in the USTA Tennis On Campus National Tournament in Orlando, Florida. The club also partners with the South Bend Racquet Club to host a BuddyUp Tennis program to share the sport with children with Down syndrome on Saturday's in the Spring.


Men’s Triathlon

Women’s Triathlon

CoEd Triathlon

The Notre Dame Triathlon Club is focused on providing training for individuals on campus to help them prepare for triathlon competitions. This club is open to all students of Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross, and encourages all who are interested in getting in shape and meeting new people.


Men’s Ultimate

Women’s Ultimate

CoEd Ultimate

The Notre Dame Ultimate Club strives to combine competitive excellence with a fun-loving atmosphere and provides a great opportunity to meet lifelong friends. Every year the club welcomes students of all different skill levels to join the team and learn the sport. The club offers both Men's and Women's A/B teams (play is not coed). Teams typically practice 2-3 times a week and travel to several tournaments over the course of each semester.


Men’s Volleyball

Men’s Volleyball is a competitive club team on campus for students who want to continue their volleyball careers. Tryouts are conducted in the early fall, followed by two hour practices, two days a week.  In addition to fall practices, the club also usually plays in pre-season tournaments in preparation for spring play in the Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association. The team always caps off the year by participating in the NCVF Championships.


Women S Volleyball Champions

Women’s Volleyball

The Notre Dame Women’s Club Volleyball Team is a competitive club for experienced players. Tryouts will be held early in the fall semester, practices will be held twice a week, and the team will travel to several regional tournaments as well as the annual National Tournament held late in the spring semester.


CoEd Volleyball

Men’s Water Polo

The Notre Dame Men’s Water Polo team aims to provide the students of ND and HCC with the opportunity to play water polo at the intercollegiate level. In the fall during our season we compete for the National Club Water Polo Championship, and in the spring we play in and host a variety of invitationals. In the last few years the team has qualified for the National Club Water Polo Championships in 2019 and placed10th overall. We welcome all levels of experience, from never having played before to having played for over a decade.


Water Polo Womens 2

Women’s Water Polo

The Notre Dame Women’s Water Polo Club is a highly competitive, dedicated group of young women players. The program has remained in the top 12 of nationally ranked club teams since 2001 and has been ranked as high as #1. In 2009, the Irish traveled to California for Club Nationals and placed 2nd overall. The team is very diverse, with players ranging from 10 years of experience to no experience at all. Women’s Water Polo travels a few weekends in the Spring semester and plays teams from all over the country, including Michigan, Florida, and Oregon. Players of all skill levels are welcome.


CoEd Water Polo

Men’s Waterski

Women’s Waterski

club water ski action photo

CoEd Waterski

The Notre Dame Waterski club competes in USA Waterski’s three-event collegiate tournaments consisting of slalom, trick, and jump events in both the fall and spring seasons. We practice on a private lake just thirty minutes from campus. Most importantly, we welcome new members of all abilities to take to the water with our seasoned corps of skiers to learn, train, and have an amazing time while doing so.