Personal Training

In-Person Personal Training

One-on-one training integrates health education and goal setting into challenging workouts specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual. All initial consultations are performed individually and are a part of the session total. 

Virtual One-on-One Training

One-on-one virtual personal training allows you the flexibility to continue training or begin your training journey from the privacy of your own space. Integrating health education and goal setting into each workout, fitness programs will be specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual.

Group Training

Group Personal Training provides the experience of one-on-one personal training for you and up to two individuals of your choice to learn and exercise together.


Personal training is available to any Notre Dame student, faculty, staff, retiree, or spouse with an active Irish1Card.

Our Trainers

  1. New Trainer Photo
    New Trainer Photo

    Caroline P

    Caroline aims to better the lives of her clients through fitness, teaching them that being active is great for both the body and mind. She believes there is no 'one size fits all' way to workout, and she personalizes each program to be enjoyable, effective, and sustainable. Caroline loves hiking, rock climbing, and watching movies with friends and family in her free time. 


  2. Connor Pt Headshot
    Connor Pt Headshot


    I've been training myself in hypertrophy training (i.e. bodybuilding, not powerlifting) since high school, and I've been a personal trainer with RecSports since 2022. I love sharing my passion (and my own personal mistakes to avoid) for weightlifting and healthy lifestyles with others!


  3. Treadmill Devon
    Treadmill Devon


    Devon is thrilled to be working with the training team to program awesome workouts and help those new to the gym feel strong and empowered! She absolutely loves HIIT and athletic training workouts and believes in the power of consistency: keep showing up!


  4. New Trainer Photo
    New Trainer Photo


    Dianna loves to empower others through fitness. She believes everyone has a fitness routine they can fall in love with, it's just about finding the right one! Dianna seeks workouts that build balance, flexibility, strength, and positive self-talk. When not at RecSports, you'll find her out walking with her dog, eating an Acai bowl, or spending time with her nieces and nephews! 


  5. Evonta Pt Headshot
    Evonta Pt Headshot


    I care deeply about my clients and love helping them better themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. I want to help them realize that exercising is more than just outward appearance, it's also about bettering yourself in all aspects of life. I’m here to help them reach their goals and be there for them every step of the way.


  6. New Trainer Photo
    New Trainer Photo


    Grace's goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident in the gym. She has a wide range of passions and your exercise journey is one you can share together. As someone who has explored many different sports and training styles, she believes there is something unique and enjoyable for everyone. 


  7. Judy Pt Headshot
    Judy Pt Headshot


    I create strength training workouts to meet the needs of each client who trains with me. Strength training is a must in promoting a healthy, happy, energetic lifestyle.


  8. Kimberlee Pt Headshot
    Kimberlee Pt Headshot


    Kimberlee has a passion for helping others reach their health and fitness goals through smart and efficient programming. Serving as a personal trainer to the Michiana area since 2017, Kimberlee has over 1,500 hours of experience. Kimberlee continues her education to refine her skills to better serve her clients of all ages. Kimberlee is a certified Women’s Fitness Specialist and a certified Nutrition Coach. In her leisure time, she trains and competes with the local roller derby team, plays video games, and spends time with her family.


  9. Macy Pt Headshot
    Macy Pt Headshot

    Macy - Returning Fall 2024

    Hi, I'm Macy, I'm from Phoenix, AZ, and have been with RecSports since Spring 2023. My goal for all of my clients is to help create long-term lifestyle changes that are driven by a desire to care for your physical and mental health through fitness. I focus on using science-backed tools and research to help you better understand the 'why' behind fitness, and feel empowered when exercising. I want my clients to feel empowered and informed, my motto is "You Can Do Hard Things" and I train that way! My training style is varied but is focused on body recomposition, strength training, and mobility. I have a background in competitive gymnastics, track and field, and crosstraining.


  10. Marcus Pt Headshot
    Marcus Pt Headshot


    Marcus' passion for fitness started almost ten years ago after developing an interest in bodybuilding. He became a NASM Certified Personal trainer in 2020 to guide and encourage others to reach their goals. While his specialty is muscle building, he has since expanded his knowledge of exercise and wellness to program for a wide range of goals.


  11. Olivia PT Headshot
    Olivia PT Headshot


    I love to introduce newcomers to the gym and increase their confidence on the gym floor! Certified NASM Personal Trainer; specializes in body recomposition and general lifting technique.


  12. New Trainer Photo
    New Trainer Photo


    Regan believes that exercising is a great way to take care of your physical and mental health! Whether you are looking to build muscle, improve endurance, or gain confidence exercising after an injury, she is here to empower you along the way! She wants to meet my clients wherever they are in their fitness journey and encourage them to be their best and most healthy selves. Regan has a background in volleyball, downhill ski, and tactical fitness through working as an EMT at her local fire station.


  13. Sara Paulus Headshot
    Sara Paulus Headshot


    Plan your work and work your plan! We all have lofty goals for healthy living, losing weight, and getting stronger, however there is no reason to go it alone. Working with a personal trainer will guarantee that the focus remains on you, your workout, and your healthy living.

    ISSA-PT, AFAA-GF,  Schwinn Cycle

  14. Tyler Pt Headshot
    Tyler Pt Headshot


    Tyler believes that everyone has the capacity to get stronger, healthier, and more mobile. Each of us starts our fitness journey with a goal in mind. Tyler is here to help with leading you down the path.